Bus transfers

Transportation is a major part of any travel plan or vacation, and Group Transportation in Miami is a specialization of Miami Shuttle Inc.. With a large fleet at our disposal, we have become a leader in quality transportation for any size group. Miami Shuttle is ready to meet all of your transportation needs, whether it is picking up a family, or a large business group.

Corporate transfers

In the corporate world, every second counts. A reliable and trusty car service is key to keeping appointments and meetings. Whether you need to visit clients, get to urgent meetings, have visiting clients, or are simply looking to travel from one place to another, we offer fairly-priced and easy door-to-door luxury transportation services.



Private transfers

You will not be sharing the ride with other travelers, therefore, you will not have to depend on other travelers to be where you need to be on-time.

Other advantage of using Miami Shuttle private and direct service is that our travelers not have the need to be picked up so early to get to their destinations.

All our services are Non- Share. Private only